We know traffic is a critical aspect of running your business. Knowing your customer’s needs and having direct interaction to satisfy those needs, improves the customer experience and your bottom line.

Say goodbye to paper punch card loyalty programs
Local retail businesses use paper punch card loyalty programs to convince customers to come back and become repeat buying customers. Today customers use mobile devices in their shopping experience therefore, paper punch card loyalty programs are ineffective in connecting with customers to make them repeat customers.

Loyalty and rewards reward you
Our Loyalty And Rewards Reward You (Larry) digital/mobile solution, offers you the ability to reward your customers for their continued patronage, to easily identify who have not redeemed anything in a while, or who have not purchased a certain product in a long time.

Using location based marketing services provides the ability to communicate with customers through SMS or push notifications. You get the opportunity to send time & location based offers to specific groups of customers; ie lunch today is 30% off before 11:30am.

What we have seen are three major obstacles for local businesses serving and marketing to their customers:

  • Pricing of the new solutions
  • Time to manage program
  • Fear of the unknown

Our methodology can guide your business implementing a new or seamless transition from paper to digital by carefully addressing these obstacles so you can know your customers and create a competitive advantage for your business.

We help you understand the value derived from our Larry solution, given the benefits of mobile, customer engagement, location based marketing, consumer communication, analytics that quickly pays itself back in the amount of customers that typically by more, by more often or buy higher valued purchases because of the program.

We want you to use your time understanding the information captured in our Larry solution to engage and know your customers while running your business more effectively. Simply set the rules for interaction and communicate with customers, triggered automatically by date, by action, or by inaction.

We help your business get over the fear of the unknown when transitioning to our digital solutions. Your customers are mobile and to compete effectively against larger retailers and online retailers that are constantly taking customers away, you must adapt and adopt new technologies and processes.

With our Larry solution your business can now have the same technology and tools available to larger retailers, but without the price tag. Now you can compete for that all important repeat customer, that becomes a frequent buyer, that drives an increase in sales, that has a positive experience.